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About Attila Juhasz

Hello World! 😉 I am flattered that you are here reading this, thank you. My name is Attila Juhasz. My nickname growing up was Atti and my closest friends and family still call me that. Atti is also the name I use for releasing music. I am the owner of Attila’s Creative Works LLC as well as the CEO of ACWTV, a division I created solely for streaming and for my branding in the OTT industry.

Let’s jump back a bit. I was born and raised in NY in the ’60s from immigrant Hungarian parents, had incredible teen experiences in the ’70s, graduated college, worked hard and partied in the ’80s like it was 1999, survived Y2K, witnessed the smoking towers of 9/11 from my neighborhood and then moved to Phoenix, AZ in 2005 to help Rob Halford of Judas Priest launch and manage his Metal God Entertainment, Inc. company. After his company closed in 2012, I focused my full time attention on building up Attila’s Creative Works LLC. In 2015 I self-taught myself how to build a Roku channel which I did. After testing it out for several months, I launched my first Roku channel, WimZTV in 2016. More information about my businesses can be found at  and soon at the newly rebuilt

I hope to use this website, particularly my blog, as a forum to share some of my fun and crazy experiences, to potentially inspire with tales of struggles and success. Maybe something here will make you smile, laugh, feel positive and motivated to do something that makes you happy.

I have been running Attila’s Creative Works, LLC with primary focus on ACWTV since 2015.  When the hectic responsibility of running TV apps that service well over a million people annually gives me time to breath and all my priorities to my family are met well before my business needs are met, then I love to engage in fun and creative activities like writing, guitar playing, music composing and drawing.