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Attila Juhasz

Independently Entertaining the World since 2005

The core business Attila’s Creative Works is ACWTV, which has published 15 OTT channels, which have since been installed over 4 million times by Roku users. Western TV & Movie Classics has been the #1 Classic TV app in all of US Roku Apps for years. It has also been picked by Roku’s official blog as the best Western channel on Roku. Other popular ACWTV channels include Classic TV & Film, Baby Boomer TV and Dial Back TV.

I just began preproduction on Season 2 of Jay Watch as Executive Producer, Creator of the show and Editor, with Host Jay Michaels who introduces classic films and TV shows with informative details.

Let’s back up. I have always had an entrepreneurial flare. In high school I painted album covers on the backs of denim jackets and vests. I drew fliers for bands including Gold Recording artists Nektar.  After college though, I entered the corporate world.

From 1989-1992 I worked as a VP of Finance for global agency Morgan Padulo Communications. When they merged with Padulo Associates in Toronto and relocated to Canada, I took it upon myself to officially form my first business, NY ONLSAUGHT, a mini heavy metal magazine that had a 10,000 circulation via the Tri-State Tower Records stores in NY, NJ and CT. That’s how I met Rob Halford of Judas Priest and began a working relationship with him.

The drinking age in NY had recently changed from 18 to 21 and most the of the rock clubs suffered and closed. That was a key part of my business. NY Onslaught only lasted 1 year but it was so much fun and educational despite the intense pressures of running your own business.

In 1995 I started building my first websites, to promote myself and to promote a band I loved.  In 1996 I launched what is considered the first commercial horror website called It was huge. In November of 1998, I sold it to publicly traded Unapix Entertainment Inc. who hired me as Director of Internet Marketing.

When I moved to Arizona in 2005 to help Rob Halford build his Metal God Entertainment company, I formed my own LLC for my entrepreneurial ventures called Attila’s Creative Works LLC.

Most of my time between 2005 and 2012 was occupied working at MGE, however I managed to keep my independent ideas alive. In 2012, MGE closed its doors and out of necessity Attila’s Creative Works had to get creative quick.

In 2015 I learned how to build Roku channels. I decided to rebrand myself for the OTT industsry by creating a division called ACWTV and in 2016 I published my first public channel, WimZTV. Since then ACWTV has published a total of 15 channels and streams to over 1 million people annually. Visit for more information.

So what did I do up until ACWTV? Here’s an old Infographic that will give you a spotlight of my entrepreneurial career.