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1st a Word About Lajos Juhasz - Writer, Hero and my Grandfather

While watching the 1942 movie “Tales of Manhattan” on TV with my Dad when I was about 8 or 9 (circa 1970), he told me that my Grandfather, Lajos Juhasz, wrote one of the stories in this anthology film starring Edward G. Robinson. It was then that my father told me of my grandfather’s amazing writing career in Hungary having written 101 books and novelettes before being publicly murdered by Nazis for sheltering a Jewish family. It was at that moment that I learned of the magnitude of the cruelties of the world. The realization also hit me that I wanted to be and can be a writer or a creator, and that art, whether its music, movies or books, can give people joy, happiness and hope. It’s in my blood. My grandfather was an artist who was determined to spread hope and love no matter the cost. He has inspired me to continue the Juhasz writing legacy. I wrote more about my Grandfather and included a full list of his works here. Other links: Lajos Juhasz – Hungarian Wikipedia & Lajos Juhasz IMDb

Books by Lajos Juhasz

Some of the 101 books and novelettes written by Lajos Juhasz, my grandfather.

THE LOGICAL MEANING OF GOD - book by Attila Juhasz

THE LOGICAL MEANING OF GOD (Amazon) combines life experiences with philosophies, theologies, and science from thousands of years ago to present day to formulate the meaning of life and an unbiased Logical Meaning of God. The definition of God presented in this book is a reaffirmation to some, but a redefinition and a logical new understanding for others. BONUS: Includes THE OVER-SOUL Essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Available at Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.

SHORT FILM – I also made a short film based on one of the chapters from THE LOGICAL MEANING OF GOD available on Amazon Prime. I also recently uploaded it to YouTube. You can watch below.

Short Films & Music Documentaries Written by Attila Juhasz

When I worked for Metal God Entertainment, I wrote all the interview questions and conducted the interviews and wove together the documentary portions of the concert films we produced.  I wrote and produced a short original pilot called BARTO’S TV FROM EARTH, which is available on ACWTV streaming channels WimZTV and Baby Boomer TV as well as Amazon Prime.

Click on image of titles below to go to my page.

Spec Screenplays Written by Attila Juhasz

  • The Light (genre: horror)
  • The Fountain (genre: sci fi/horror)
  • The Realm of Katona (genre: sci fi)

FANGORIA - I Wrote the 1st Print Article on Horror on the Internet

I wrote what is believed to be the first printed article on the state of Horror on the Internet in Starlog magazine’s FANGORIA May 1997 Issue #162. I researched endless websites and delivered a big 6 page spread.

I Was a Columnist for Starlog's SCI FI TEEN Magazine

The Fangoria Internet article was such a big hit that Starlog offered me my own regular feature column called CYBER ZONE in their new magazine SCI FI TEEN.

NY ONSLAUGHT - My Heavy Metal / Tower Records Magazine

The executive position I had for an advertising agency ended abruptly after 3 years of service when they suddenly decided to to close the NY office and merge everything into their Canadian office. I was married and didn’t want to move out of the U.S. I took that opportunity to start NEW YORK ONSLAUGHT, a high quality, glossy, mini-magazine. I landed a circulation deal with the Tri-State Tower Records chains in NY, NJ and CT.  I handled all the interviews and wrote the majority of the articles.

I interviewed Michael Schenker (UFO, Scorpions, MSG), Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath), Jon Drenning (Crimson Glory) Mark Wood (Mark Wood Experience, Tran Siberian Orchestra), Ronnie James Dio and Rob Halford. That interview with Halford sparked a long working relationship. Halford like the interview so much, that he hired me to interview all the new band members in FIGHT to write the band bios used to pitch the band to SONY.  Even excerpts from my interview were used in the Documentary Concert Film Fight War of Words The Film.