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Hello Everyone and welcome to my personal website. While I spend my full time running my business ACWTV and Attila’s Creative Works LLC, I do enjoy creative outlets like music, film, TV and art. I’ve enjoyed many rich experiences throughout my life and career. I have been immersed in film and music for fun and for work.  I’ve worked closely with film legends like George A. Romero and rock and roll legends like Judas Priest frontman, Rob Halford. I also dabble in music myself. I consider myself an expert on Classic TV and Film which is why I launched a Roku channel with that very same name.

I’m one in many with many stories

In my blog, I will posting some of my current events, past experiences of both business and pleasure,  but I also look forward to sharing a variety of fun stories and images like unique rock and roll clippings I saved from the ’70s with personal stories attached to them. I have music and movie collectibles like vintage tour books, comic books, magazines galore, original movie lobby cards, antique projectors, cameras and even a 1930s Disney Movie Jector.

Please take a look around my site to get to know me and then enjoy my blog.

Best wishes,
Attila Juhasz

Latest Blog Posts

Bands I’ve Seen Live

I've seen hundreds of live shows. In the late 70s and throughout the 80s I went to clubs almost weekly and tried to see all my favorite major rock acts whenever they were in town, and sometimes I traveled out of town. Here's a list of 340 live performances I've seen of major act bandsRead More »Bands I’ve Seen Live

Lajos Juhasz – The Anniversary of My Grandfather’s Murder

On, January 19, 1945, Hungarian writer, my grandfather, Lajos Juhasz was beaten to death by the Nazi Gestapo for sheltering a Jewish family. The atrocities of WWII and the holocaust directly impacted my family with my father losing his dad when he was still just a kid, I was denied the opportunity to meet myRead More »Lajos Juhasz – The Anniversary of My Grandfather’s Murder

How the Movie THE GORILLA Made me a CEO and Why it is Special to Me

While the 1939 movie The Gorilla only has a fair IMDb rating, it holds a very special place in my heart and may also be why I am the CEO of ACWTV today. You see, some of my fondest memories from my youth are those of my father sharing his favorite childhood memories from Hungary.Read More »How the Movie THE GORILLA Made me a CEO and Why it is Special to Me