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Bands I’ve Seen Live

I’ve seen hundreds of live shows. In the late 70s and throughout the 80s I went to clubs almost weekly and tried to see all my favorite major rock acts whenever they were in town, and sometimes I traveled out of town.

Here’s a list of 340 live performances I’ve seen of major act bands and solo artists that I could remember. I’m sure I left some out. Some of these performance overlap in the sense that there were times when there were great opening acts. For example I saw Fastway open for Rush. I listed both Fastway and Rush, so in this case it’s 2 live performances at 1 concert.

Bands/Artists I've Seen  Live
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Artist  Number of Times 
Seen Live 
Tours and Notes
AC/DC (Bon Scott) Powerage Tour - They opened for Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow who were touring their "Long Live Rock and Roll" Tour.  Angus was young and incredible.  Very tight performance.  Bon Scott carried Angus through the crowd on his sholdiers while Angus constantly ripped his long solo - ran all through orchestra and then even upstairs. 

Highway to Hell - Bon Scott and Angus Young rocked a Madison Square Garden that was there for Ted Nugent - they won the crowd nicely though with a tight, hard rocking effort.

AC/DC (Brian Johnson) Back in Black - Johnson's debut on a mega-successful breakthrough release.
Accept  Balls to the Wall 
Adams, Brian Reckless 
Alkatrazz Post-Malmsteen show. Grahman Bonnet was exceptional. 
Angel The first time I saw Angel was on the "White Hot" tour with The Godz and Judas Priest opening. Priest just released "Stained Class". To this day that show is still one of the best I have ever seen. The other two times I saw Angel was also on the White Hot tour, but on this leg of the tour they opened for Styx who were promoting "Pieces of Eight". 
Armored Saint 1 circa 2006, they opened for The Scorpions
Asia 6 between 2005-2016
Average White Band  I was in the front row. I saw these guys primarily because I went to see the opening act. A local band (from Yonkers, NY) called Songs. Songs featured a great guitarist (Louie Pappas I think was his name) and they were sponsored by NEKTAR. However, AWB did perform very well and I enjoyed it. 
Bach, Sebastian 1 circa 2006
Badlands  ?
Bango Tango Only because the band I was managing at the time, "No More Johnny" opened for them.
Black Crowes Saw them as an opening both times before they ever had any radio air play. I thought they were a fair, average rock band. Nothing spectacular, but not bad. Then a month or two later they were the biggest thing to the general public. I still hold to my initial reaction.
Black Oak Arkansas  
Black Sabbath (Ozzy Osbourne) Technical Ecstasy - WOW!!!!! Awesome show. Right from the opening number - "Symptoms of the Universe" they kicked. 
Black Sabbath (R.J. Dio) Heaven and Hell Tour 1980
Black Sabbath (Tony Martin) Headless Cross 
Black Sabbath as HEAVEN AND HELL 2 The Mob Rules line-up reunited as Heaven and Hell
Blind Guardian Night at the Opera
Blue Oyster Cult Spectres, and two other times 
Bon Jovi 1 Debut release, he opened for The Scorpions
Cars, The 1 1982
Charlie Watts Orchestra, The  
Collins, Phil 1 Well, not really a concert, but I was at his rehearsal for a VH1 taping. It was very cool, I actually leaned on the stage with only a few people there watching.
"Concrete Metal Award Show with
Megadeth, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, 
Alice n Chains, etc.
Pretty cool award show. The party I went to afterwards was better than the actual event. Hung out with Michael Schenker a lot. Met a LOT of hard rock and metal stars that weekend.
Cooper, Alice (with Vinnie Moore) Operation Rock and Roll with Judas Priest
Crimson Glory -Strange and Beautiful
Deep Purple -Perfect Strangers 
Def Leppard -On Through the Night 
-High and Dry 
Derringer, Rick 1979? at The Lone Star Cafe
Detectives, The  
Dio -Last in Line 
-Sacred Heart 
Dir en Grey 1 2006?
Dokken 5 Unchain the Night (4x), then once again around 2008
Dream Theater 2005, 2007, 2010
Europe Final Countdown
Fastway Fastway (debut LP tour)
Fight 4

-War of Words (3x) - I went to the very first War of Words show to kick off the tour. It was a blast. I went backstage to hang with Rob Halford and the rest of Fight. 
- Small Deadly Space (1x)


Firm, The 
(Paul Rogers/Jimmy Page)"
Frehley's Comet  
Genesis Second's Out - It was awesome. Peter Gabriel came onstage for the encores and sang with Genesis.
Gillan, Ian (once with B.Torme) 2 1978 and Gillan's Inn (2006) in a great small intimate club. Less than 100 people
Godz, The Debut Self-titled LP tour - They opened for Judas Priest and Angel
Good Rats, The Saw them open for Rush at Nassau Col.
Gordon, Robert  
Great White  
Hackett, Steve 1 In 2022, he performed Supper's Ready in its entirety
Hagar, Sammy Poor Sammy Hagar opened for Kiss at their first ever Madison Square Garden show, February 1977. He was literally booed off the stage. He smashed his guitar and yelled to the audience, "F**k you New York!" and charged off the stage.
Halford 5

Resurrection (2) Crucible (2) Made of Metal (1)

Two of those shows were at MSG in NYC

Hooters, The  
Howe, Greg  
Immortal ? 2003
Iron Maiden (DiAnno) -Killers (This was amazing. I knew this band was going to be big.)
Iron Maiden (Dickenson) 11  -Number of the Beast 
-Piece of Mind 
-Somewhere in Time
-Brave New World
-A Matter of Life or Death
Jethro Tull -Songs from the Wood 
Joe Perry Project, The Let the Music Do the Talking
Journey Raised on Radio 
Judas Priest (with the Metal God, Rob Halford) 26

1 - Stained Class 
1 - Hell Bent For Leather 
1 - Unleashed in the East 
2 - British Steel (Front Row Seats) 
2 - Point of Entry 
3 - Screaming for Vengence 
4 - Defenders of the Faith 
5 - Turbo 
2 - Ram it Down 
2 - Painkiller 
2 - Angel of Retribution
1 - Redeemer of Souls
26 times - my personal record 

Judas Priest (Ripper Owens) 1 -Jugulator
Kansas  -Power  (Steve Morse was outstanding on Guitar and as usual, Steve Walsh on vocals kicked)
-Spirit of Things 
-Freaks of Nature
King, B.B. 1 His last tour which was an embarrasment, I actually walked out.
King's X

King's X (4th Release) tour - Amazing! Simply amazing. Rival Rush for greatest trio live and studio. 
- IV

Kingdom Come  
Kiss -Rock and Roll Over 
-Love Gun 
-Alive II 
-Lick it Up 
-Special Club Show tour (1989?) focusing on vintage material like Deuce, Firehouse, Strutter, Hotter than Hell, etc. 
Krokus Headhunter
Lee, Alvin  
Mahogany Rush  
Malmsteen, Yngwie 2 Odyssey, Satriani G3
Mamas Boys  
Manowar Debut Release tour
Marillion (Fish) -Fugazi (at Radio City Music Hall) 
-Misplaced Childhood (They opened for Rush and performed MC start to finish without a break) 
-Clutching at Straws (Saw this one twice; amazing, Fish jumped into the crowd, put his arm around me and we sang together)
Marillion (Hogarth) -Seasons End (The first time was the night we flew back from our honeymoon-Bahamas to NY-what a way to end the honeymoon!!! Awesome!) 
-Holidays in Eden 
Megadeth 2 Once with Judas Priest, and another time only 2 songs at The Concrete Convention
Metallica -And Justice For All 
Miller, Steve  
Missing Persons This was before their first album came out. I only went because on the radio they said Terry Bozio formerly of UK's new band. It was at My Father's Place in L.I.. I sat at a table with David Johansen.
Moody Blues

- 1987-tour name escapes me 

Moore, Gary -Run For Cover
Moore, Vinnie -The Maze
He was absolutely amazing. His band was tight and his performance was stellar!
Motley Crue -Girls Girls Girls
Motorhead 4 -Ace of Spades , Inferno (2)
Mr. Big  
MSG (with Barden on vocals)  1 -Built to Destroy
MSG (with McAuley on vocals) 6 -Perfect Timing 
-Save Yourself 
-MSG (Unplugged)
MSG (with Keeley on vocals)  1 -Unforgiven
Musical Box 2 Lamb Lies Down on Broadway; and obscure cuts tour
Nazareth -No Mean City 
-Cinema (2)
Nektar -Magic is a Child  (2)
-Roye Albrighton's Nektar (3 x Man in the Moon1979) 
New England Debut LP Tour - They opened for Kiss one year. Good show, and very good debut LP
Nugent, Ted -Cat Scratch Fever
-Double Live Gonzo
Ozzy Osbourne
(with Randy Rhoads)
-Blizzard of Oz; The first leg of the tour was in small intimate theatres (I saw it at the Capital Theatre in Passaic NJ - Rhoads was AMAZING!) then the second leg of the tour was in arenas; ie. Nassau Colliseum. 
Ozzy Osbourne 
(with Brad Gillis)
-Diary of a Madman 
-The NYC club show where Ozzy did all Sabbath material - That show was recorded and released as Speak of the Devil 
Ozzy Osbourne  (with Gus G) 1 - at MSG (Halford opened supporting Made of Metal)
Petrucci, John 1 Solo band with Mike Portnoy on Satriani G3 tour
Pink Floyd  The Wall (The Original tour with R.Waters) at Nassau Colliseum
Pink Floyd (w/out Waters) Momentary Lapse of Reason
Piper (Billy Squire)  
Plant, Robert  
Point Blank  
Primal Fear 1

-Black Sun

Queensryche 10 

-Warning (Saw this one 4 times and its still the best tour they ever did) 
-Rage for Order 
-2005 (2x)

Quiet Riot  
Rainbow (with Ronnie James Dio) Long Live Rock and Roll (for about a 30 minutes though. Blackmore's sound was a bit off and he left ater a couple of songs.  Dio came out and broke the news to everyone.  We all got refunds, which I immediately exchanged for Jethro Tull tickets - got to see a great vintage AC/DC show (Powerage) for free as they were openers. 
Rainbow (with Graham Bonnett) Down to Earth (with Graham Bonnett)
Ray Vaughn, Stevie  
Rex (Rex Smith)  
Riot Swords and Tequila 
Restless Breed
Rods, The Let Them Eat Metal
Rush 11 

-Hemispheres (Awesome, the best Rush show I have ever seen - they did 2112 in its entirety) 
-Permanent Waves 
-Moving Pictures 
-Grace Under Pressure 
-Power Windows 
-Hold Your Fire 


Sarantino, Blues  
Savatage Power of the Night
Saxon Denim and Leather 
Rock the Nation

-Lovedrive (Awesome - they opened with "We'll Burn the Sky" Also played classics like "He's a Woman", "Steam Rock Fever" and "In Trance" 
-Love at First Sting  (4 times)
-Savage Amusement

Styx Pieces of Eight
Symphony X 4 V, Odyssey (2x), Paradise Lost
Testament 1990, 2003
Thin Lizzy 2004 - with John Sykes and Scott Gorham. Amazing performance with Sykes' incredibly eerie vocal resemblence to Phil Lynott and stellar guitar work.
Three Dog Night  
Till Tuesday  
Travers, Pat 6 - Crash and Burn 
- 4 times in 80s & 90s
- 1 2018?
Triumph Allied Forces
Trower, Robin 1985?
Twisted Sister 10+  Endless club shows years before they released their first disc 
Then I did see them on the "You Can't Stop Rock and Roll" tour
U2 1987 - I only went to take someone who was into them. They were okay, but I found it to be a little boring after a while.
UFO (Schenker) Walk on Water - One of the greatest shows I have ever seen - though I am very partial - Schenker is my guitar idol and they performed some of my all time favorited tunes - practically the entire Strangers of the Night LP
UFO (w/Atomic Tommy M) Misdemeanor
UK 2 Night After Night in 1979, Reunion in 2004
Uriah Heep (John Lawton) Innocent Victim (1978)
Uriah Heep (Bernie Shaw) 2 Wake the Sleeper, Into the Wild
Vai, Steve 3 Twice headline (2006, 2010?) and then again on Satriani's G3 and once as a guest on Zappa Plays Zappa
Van Halen (David Lee Roth) Van Halen 
Van Halen II
Van Halen (Sammy Hagar)  
Virgin Steele They were really bad. When they tossed their albums into the crowd, the crowd wung them back at them 
Waters, Roger 2 Radio Kaos
Waysted UFO's Pete Way's band with other UFO guitarist Paul Chapman. 
Whitesnake Whitesnake (Still of the Night)
Who, The 25th Anniversary Tour
Winter, Johnny  
Wood, Mark Voodoo Violence
XYZ Hungry
Y&T - In Rock We Trust  (2x)
- Down for the Count
- in 2019
Yes 3 Tormato (78 & 79) and the anniversary show at MSG in 2005
Zappa Plays Zappa 2  
Zebra 10+  So many club shows prior to them signing with Atlantic, then at least once per release as well