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Randy Rhoads Photo from Diary of a Madman Tour

Last night I was compelled to go through some of my old rock and roll photos specifically pulling out this great photo of Randy Rhoads my old buddy Frank took. I didn’t realize yesterday was Randy Rhoads birthday.
I saw the Blizzard of Oz tour twice with Randy performing. Frank took this photo though in March 5, 1982 (Pine Bluff, AR while in the USAF) at a show I didn’t go to. This was 14 days before Randy’s death. Rhoads only played 3 more shows after that night.
Frank and I went to SO MANY concerts in the ’70s and early ’80s and Frank documented many great shows. Back as teens we would split the cost of the film and development which is why I have a set of a lot of the photos of Judas Priest (British Steel @ Palladium), Scorpions (Lovedrive @ Capital Theater), Kiss (Unmasked @ Palladium) tours and some others.