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Short Film “The Scientific Source of God” by Attila Juhasz Now on YouTube

I finally made my short film “The Logical Meaning of God – Chapter 3 The Scientific Source of God” available for free on YouTube.

In 2009, I wrote a short book called “The Logical Meaning of God” which combines life experiences with philosophies, theologies, and science from thousands of years ago to present day to formulate the meaning of life and an unbiased Logical Meaning of God. The definition of God presented in this book is a reaffirmation to some, but a redefinition and a logical new understanding for others.

When my father passed away in 2014, I revisited my book.  My father was an incredible man who was also a Deacon who voluntarily took over the duties of our church when the archdiocese abandoned us. Though he was a devout Catholic, he was open to all ideas and embraced and respected all religions. Though I had left the church as far as organized religion goes, My father praised me with wonderful complements which was the ONLY validation I ever needed on writing this book.

So after he passed away, and as sort of a grieving process, I decided to turn one of the chapters of my book into a short film. In 2014 I published it on Amazon Prime where it has been living since.

I don’t claim to know who or what God is. In fact, the more I have studied and explored the more I’ve come to determine  that this may be a mystery I will never unravel unless the creator reveals the truth unto me directly and unfortunately that probably means after death. So, while my mind is still blown away whenever I try to conceptualize and or theorize the unexplainable, I find solitude in ancient wisdoms and the calmness of release. The release of just go with the flow. It is what it is or should I say God is what God is.

I hope you enjoy it.