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The First Time I Saw Nektar Live in Concert

Nektar live at the palladium 1977

Here’s a clipping from The Village Voice for NEKTAR live at the Palladium with special guest Flame, Friday June 3, 1977.  This was my very first time seeing NEKTAR live. I had been a fan for over a year at that point and I was devastated when I read that Roye Albrighton had left Nektar.

Now Magic is a Child had not been released yet but I remembered they opened with a new song and it was Midnight Lite. The concert overall was magnificent.

I also caught the second leg of the Magic is a Child tour at the Palladium again. I was only 15 at the time and sitting in orchestra. Dave Nelson did a furious extended solo during “Listen” that I lost my mind. I ran to the front of the stage and stood in front of Dave fist pumping both arms in the air in praise. Then the theater put the spotlight on me while Dave put his guitar in my face and continued to play ferociously.  After his solo he retracted back to the stage and I turned to the crowd with both of my fists up in the air and the continuous cheers of the crowd was electrifying. I went back to my seat and enjoyed a fabulous show. Youth and innocence made for a great time.

Nektar live at the palladium 1977